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0 2 months

Jack Dickeson 2 months

Fantastic Service compared to other mini bus services in Cambodia. PP to Kampot and vice versa is always a no hassle experience.

Traveller 36549 2 months

Rory 3 months

Traveller 198364 3 months

1 3 months

Everything great, on time and comfortable trip! The van was clean and modern. Employees in the company pay good attention to customers

习 近平 3 months

從 貢布 到 金邊 的最佳選擇 準時、可靠、安全、快捷

Traveller 198364 3 months

Kimseng express was great ,The van was very clean and in new condition The driver was helpful and staff in company was very kind to us I would book again

Kevin 3 months

The van and driver were fine. We arrived earlier than expected. The seats on this van are meant for shorter people, they were quite uncomfortable.

Traveller 212417 3 months

I was offered a ride earlier in a brand new car. Only 3 passengers. Arrived half an hour earlier than planned also.

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