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Traveller 265245 3 months

Traveller 265245 3 months

Traveller 265141 3 months

Michael Godden 3 months

I was in the back seat. Next to me was stacked wheel on luggage up to the ceiling, at one point on bumpy road the top wheel on fell on me. However had the driver had to make an emergency stop cases would have flown forward ..lethal!

Traveller 255071 3 months

តំលៃរាងថ្លៃតិច!ប្រសិនជិះភ្នំពេញទៅប៉ោយប៉ែតតំលៃ១៥ដុល្លាហើយឡានចេញពីប៉ោយប៉ែតទៅបាងកក២៥០បាតស្មើនឹងជាង៧ដុល្លាចឹង១៦បូក៧២៣ដុល្លាតែខ្ញុំទិគdirectly គួរតែថោកជាងតែនេះថ្លៃជាងជិត៦ដុល្លា

Lila 3 months

It was my first time using a sleeper bus. I wasn't prepared for taking off my shoes as I entered the bus. I don't like walking barefoot on unfamiliar carpeted areas. But that's just me.

John 3 months

This company delayed my book schedule and was late to my plan to the destination. It's not a good approaching to clients and stopped many times while travelling on the way there.

Vicheth 3 months

I like your service.

Traveller 52647 3 months

Traveller 264012 3 months

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