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Luis Betancourt almost 6 years

Good service

Luis Betancourt almost 6 years

Good service

Chris almost 6 years

Time: one and a half hour late Bus: very bad condition Friendliness: no information, no help

Criss rojas almost 6 years

They didnt come to pick up people at the bus station..almost half an hour later we asked at a counter that was around and they had to pay a tuktuk that drove like 40 minutes to where the van was waiting.....terrible driver

Miallet Julia almost 6 years

Avraham about 6 years

Julien about 6 years

The bus was correct, but, the driver arrived 1 hour late. ON the road he stopped like every 10 min to take some random guys. Result : we did a 5 hours trip instead of 3. It's okay to have a old bus or whatever, but punctuality should be a priority.

Cat about 6 years

Worst bus I have ever had in Cambodia. 8am bus was cancelled at 8:10am. 10:30am bus left at 11:20am because of late 2 guests. From what I could tell, we were actually waiting for a bag that was being transported to PP. DO NOT TAKE.

AC about 6 years

Booked online well in advance but the bus didn’t show up. Instead bundled onto another bus which arrived over two hours later than scheduled. Constant stopping and starting to pick people up on the road when the bus is already full and too hot.

Kimchheng_Cam about 6 years

The driver is not friendly, he didn't told us even the bus is stopped for lunch. he just turn off the engine and walked away while the trip from PP to Kampot took more than 5 hours. It's unacceptable.

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