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Jack VAN DOKKUM & SAO Chakrya almost 6 years

I booked a minivan, but they had a big bus. I have a broken leg and had specifically booked the seats in front. Champa did not consider any compensation, and also went to Vietnam first. After 7 years in KH, I know that better service is available.

Nick almost 6 years

We purchased a VIP van due to departure and arrival time. On arrival we were told things are running late. What they didnt say was you vip van is not coming but in 1 hr you will be put on a bus to make the trip. Should have afford us a discount but nope

mk almost 6 years

2 hours delay for arriving, over customers, change car and 45 minutes waiting on the way, all is without enough explain.

Daniel G. almost 6 years

The station has been the dirtiest one in our month here. No english in the office and neither the driver. It was a private old car. We left 30 minutes later and arrive 1 hour later too. The driver wanted some Usd for dropping us closer to hostel.

Simon almost 6 years

Rubbish and disorganised excuse for a bus company. Our bus booked for 11am was "cancelled" without notice, and we were put into the next bus 2.5hrs later. 2 bus changes & 3.5hrs late we arrived at our destination. Awful service with zero communication.

SP almost 6 years

The bus company is a bit disorganized because they didn't arrange the bus to pick us up in Kep as we purchased the ticket for, and we ended up taking the tuk tuk through a dusty road from Kep to Kampot. Then, the van broke down half way. So disappointing.

Cgrav almost 6 years

Left late but fast driver so still arrIved on time. The road from kampot to Sihanoukville is one of the worst roads I've ever seen but the driver navigated around the pot holes well

We got there almost 6 years

Was quite a comical experience...a bus full of people heading the opposite direction had to go an hour south for me to be dropped off and I sat on a stool in the mini van because it was over packed but I got there with relatively good time

Anais Cuminal almost 6 years

Horrible ! We were 4hours late. The personel don't speack english and don't care about you. The worse bus company never see. Do not book with them !

Lotte almost 6 years

Overall it was ok, but what’s the point in booking a specific bus (12 seats) and selecting a specific seat (front) if the bus used is completely different (22 seats) and everyone sits randomly where they want?

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