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Vith Viyuth about 6 years

I don't like this company. seat management is poor. I booked seat 4 and 5 and I finally was asked to seat at the back. no idea with this.

Vith Viyuth about 6 years

I like using passapp and it is helpful for travelers. One thing I don't like is there are very few rickshaws in Kampot so it is very difficult for me to call for them. I suggest you to have more rickshaws there.

Dy about 6 years

I booked a VIP van but on that day they said no VIP van and have to go by the mini van which was very uncomfortable and unprofessional

Sam Heng about 6 years

I enjoyed the ride from phnom Penh to kampot. The driver drove safe and it was great meeting new people on the van. The seats were ok but overall the trip went well. Thank you for your service!

MagP about 6 years

Un bus parti très en retard, des conseillères à l'agence exécrables et donnant de mauvaises informations. Le chauffeur a conduit dangereusement, l'état du van laissait à désirer. Je déconseille vraiment cette compagnie !!!

Provost about 6 years

JuJu about 6 years

Champa Mekong is not good. I left Kep at 2:45pm while the ticket said at 2:30pm. It took us to Kampot to pick up others guests, so I waited more than 1h in Kampot and arrived PP at 8pm. Totally, if u suppose to have meeting or work on time, don’t take it.

? about 6 years

The bus was two hours late. And smelled of sickeningly of gasoline

Connaugh about 6 years

We were told report to the bus terminal 20 minutes before departure. We had arrived on time to the bus terminal location, but we werent notified the terminal had been moved around the corner. So we were late but the bus had already left at 2:40

Traveller 0123 over 6 years

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