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Bart (Belgium) over 5 years

Ticket stated departure 07:30, unannounced schedule change: departure 08:00. Complementary pickup did not happen although called two days ahead of departure. Only two passengers so plenty of room in the bus. Decent driver, no reckless driving = good!

K over 5 years

Left on time, arrived as usual with traffic in PP. No wifi (don't remember if website said it had it or not). Good service overall.

Remco over 5 years

Just a no nonsens bustrip from PP to Kampot

baksheesh over 5 years

Have taken this outfit a couple of times between PP & Kampot. Always good and small van leaves on time, though the trip took 3.5 hours this time because of traffic and several pickups along the way.

Forkntalk over 5 years

Kim over 5 years

Forkntalk over 5 years

Bus left a little late, but that was because they waited for a passenger to arrive. Traffic was very heavy in Phnom Pehn, so it took a while to get out of the city because of that. Once outside we went fairly fast. The driver was very good and careful.

karim over 5 years

WiFi proudly advertised by "not available at the moment"

karim over 5 years

As all the rest of the customer said - WiFi is advertised but with no surprise, not available

Langda over 5 years

Nice Ford big seat

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