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Miguel about 5 years

Jay Vhea about 5 years

Traveller 33372 about 5 years

វាមិនដែលម៉ែអាណាបើកលឿនសាហាវហើយប៊ិះបុកគេរហូត។ បើយាយពីម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ឡានត្រជាក់ម៉ែអាត្រជាក់។ ត្រជាក់ឡើងប៊ិះដាច់ខ្យល់ងាប់ក្នុងឡាន

Julien about 5 years

Normaly, it was a bus for 8 persons...and finally, it was a bus for seat organisation completely different, the places in back were very stretch...and the driver drive like a dumb, fast and dangerous! first time and last time with this company!

Yvonne about 5 years

Left PP on time, one toilet break, still over an hour late to Kampot - but hey, that's the norm, right?

Traveller 8737 about 5 years

Drive too fast!

EA about 5 years

Not the best experience, but at least they delivered me from point A to point B and started on time.

Nico about 5 years

The driver almost kill all the passengers. He drives around 110km in a small road. He honk every time to pick up people on the street to bring them in Phnom Penh because there was still seat the bus. They gave about 5 to 10$ in cash for his pocket.

Seng Kakada about 5 years

Traveller 52593 about 5 years

Drive so fast, pass car on and on.

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