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Ly Chhay about 5 years

Florence about 5 years

Due to traffic the bus arrived 3hours late. We did get a sencere appology. I think the driver wanted to make up for lost time as we drove really fast. Needing to most abruptly hit the brakes when there were bumps on the road. My back really hurts now.

Velinda about 5 years

The van didn't have air conditioner, was so horrible. Please let know the costumers when have this problem before to buy tickets or made a booking.

Line about 5 years

Hamish about 5 years

If you want 4x4 action in the back of an old transit then go no further than going to kampot via this company. Next time I'll be taking a bus. Slow down fella. No rush. He did get us from a to b however.

Sorichard Phin about 5 years

Malen Doem about 5 years

អ្នកបេីកបរ​បេីកលឿនដូចហោះ​ ផ្លូវរលាក់ក៏មិនបន្ថយដែរ​ ជាំថ្លេីមអស់ហេីយ

Traveller 9431 about 5 years

Driver constantly stopped to pick up and drop off goods and or people. This delayed the trip a lot. Overall, not a good experience. There are better deals for your buck.

Ramsey about 5 years

generally i thought the trip was ok but we arrived much later than it was scheduled. i think just add time to the schedule so people know when they will arrive. this will be helpful for your customers

Traveller 3835 about 5 years

The driver drove too fast and almost hit a car.

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